Yves Hayat 

LES ICONES SONT FATIGUEES (Oriental Crescent installation)
11 tirages jet d'encre sur film transparent brûlé, inclus dans coffrets plexiglas, 15 x 20 x 6 cm / Edition de8, 20014 /
11 digital prints on transparent film, burnt and enclosed in plexiglass boxes

YYves Hayat’s manipulated photography constructions get right to the point – wars are rampant and here’s where to find them. And, in case there’s interest, here are some of the leaders responsible for stirring people to take up arms and kill. Portraits or compositions occupy clear rectangle boxes, enhancing the “on display” sensation. Pondering further, the works also ask viewers to consider who is benefiting and the motivations behind the violence. The art doesn’t pick sides or lay blame on any one force–except maybe the religion of money. Art focusing on war isn’t the only series of art made by Hayat (celebs also are the subject of series) but these are the two works presented at Art Southampton.
The works grabbed me with their unusual use of materials. Within each plastic casing is an altered portrait or image made by an inkjet print of a burnt transparency film. The effect creates a timeless and historic pall to world leaders who may be sleeping or dead, with the possibility raised of a casket shot remembrance selected as the ultimate portrait.
Hayat was born in Egypt and currently lives in Paris. After the arrival of the Iraqi war, he refocused his photography to create works that point out the fall out from war and to raise the question of who really benefits in order to uncover motivations that go beyond spin for the public

NEW YORK HAMPTONS ART HUB (10 contemporary artists at Art SouthHampton), Sept 2014